It is always difficult to purchase a used car either in person or talking to someone over the phone.  We have tried to develop a simple checklist for you to use when asking the seller to describe their car.  This checklist is a living document and we encourage you to contact us for items you feel would be valuable information that we have overlooked…

Body Material: All steel, all fiberglass, mixture of steel and fiberglass Patch Panels: Any patches on floors, doors, finders, roof, hood, and trunk Bondo: Yes – No
Rust Areas: None, lower panels, finders, hood, floor, trunk, or roof

Glass: Clear, chips, scratches, tinted
Operation: Easy to roll up and down or screw out
Seals/weather-stripping: New, good shape, fair shape, poor shape
Window Channels: New, good shape, fair shape, poor shape, dents, chrome condition
Wind leaks: Any wind leaks around the windows?

Appearance: Bright, faded, chips, scratches
Mixture: Single stage, 2 stage, # clear coats
Paint Code: Is paint manufacture code or mixture provided Touch up paint: Is any touch up paint provide

Original: Is it the original engine with car? Numbers matching Crate: Is it a replacement engine? Crate or salvage
Engine spec’s: 2 or 4 bolt, HP, MPG, heads, carb. size,
Oil Leaks: Yes or No, if yes where
Cam: Original cam or replaced. If replaced is it a mild or heavy cam?

Standard: What type and how many gears? 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 Automatic: What type and how many gears? 2, 3, 4, more Oil leaks: Yes or No, if yes where
Shifting: Hard or soft

Ford 8” or 9”
Chevy 10 or 12 bolt
Posit action: Yes or No Gear Ratio: Example 3:08

What modifications: Boxed, Crossed braced
Paint Condition: Bright, faded, chips, scratches; power coated Undercoating: Yes or No

Cross or Vertical flow
How many cores
Electric fan or mechanical. If electric – single fan or two fans Running Temperature:

Rear: leaf, spring, coil over’s, air bags, standard shocks Front: spring, coil over’s, standard shocks, struts Power Steering: Yes or No

Gas Tank: Original or New; Capacity: How many gallons – Fuel Pump: Mechanical or Electric
Fuel Lines: Original or New

Front disk/rear drum, rotor size
Front disk/rear disk, rotor size
Power brakes: Yes or No
Vacuum Pressure: PSI if known or are brakes soft Lines: Original or New

Wiring Harness: Original or New
Windows: Electric works
Poppers: Doors, trunk, hood works
Head Lights: Original or Halogen
Tail Lights: Bulb or LED
Turn Signals: Location, bulb or LED
Wipers: Single or variable speed, wiper blades Windshield Washer: Yes or No
Courtesy Lights: Interior, trunk, hood, under dash Battery: Liquid or Gel Cell, amps, how old Electrical Kill Switch: Yes or No

Gauges: Speedometer, tack, gas, oil volts, water, temp, and clock – do they work Radio: AM, AM/FM, CD, iPod: output amps, antenna?
Speakers: 2, 4, 6 or more
Glover Box: Yes or No
Sun Visors: Yes or No, if yes what condition are they in

Dash Pad: Condition – Good, fair, poor, any cracks or fading
Condition of panels or trim: Good, fair, poor, any cracks, fading or chrome trim chipping

Electrical: Driver – yes or no; Passenger – yes or no Upholstery: Original or New, any tares, holes or fading Seat Belts: Yes or No, if yes original or aftermarket

Frame Off: Yes or No, if yes how long ago
Bushings: Rubber or Poly
Insulation: Sound or Heat
Door Weather-stripping: Original or New, any wind leaks

Original, Vintage, Cool Air or Classic Air Pressure Leaks: Yes or No

What size wheels are on the car?
What condition are the tires in: Good, fair, poor, any cracks or splits? How old are the tires?