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18 thoughts on “Member Polls”

    1. I totally agree, however there are options and always been. Yellow stands out and is the national approved color. A nice Brown would be nice. We have always allowed, black & or White as options in our chapter

  1. Would like to see the breakfast meeting we have at Mo’s on tues at 7am changed to 8AM.

    I agree with what was said at the meeting about the name of the club. Younger members are not going to want to be with a group of older members like us.

    I have been to a drifters breakfast meeting and most are younger than our age group. I think it is just a fact of life.

    Just like the people that like the cars from the 30s and 40s are and have passed on. But soon the 50s to 70s cars will also not be as desired as that group like us is getting older….

    1. I don’t think they have passed on, I think tastes just come in cycles. There are a lot of sweet cars from the 30’s and 40’s but they can be pretty pricey, so that could make it tough for younger enthusiasts to get started. 50’s through 70’s were great years, so many very cool cars to choose from, in ALL price ranges. A younger driver can actually purchase one of these classics for a great price and own a piece of history and increase in value. The mass produced cars of today will do nothing but lose value.

  2. The conversation at our club had at our last meeting was all too familiar. The same conversation that is happening at church groups, VFWs, Rotary, etc. How do we attract younger people? What should we be doing? How come more do not take leadership roles? What is our purpose?
    During the many years that I was involved with church growth, my conclusion with many churches I consulted with was for them to accept the position they were in. Don’t beat yourselves up. I suggested that they do what they do really well. And just enjoy what you have until the time comes that you no longer serve the community you have chosen to be a part of and you shut down.
    I think our club offers a unique niche in the car club community. It was founded to be able to include wives, and provide a social and community setting for members. As I heard at our meeting, most other clubs are just a bunch of guys with cars that meet every now and then and go to car shows. We offer a deeper relationship with each other: cards to the sick, social events, mystery lunches, donations to vets, meetings with a meal, AND car shows every now and then. This is why Karin and I are a part.

    My suggestion is that we continue to do our best with what we have. Maybe we have to trim down events or what the club provides (clothing, a treasury, events person, etc.). Maybe we go to the other clubs, not as competition, but as a collaborative network of car clubs and offer to them an additional membership in our club for those who are looking for what we provide.

    I think the dues issue is minor. It’s nice to have a fund which supports our vets donations, supplements activities (Rod Run food, Xmas dinner, progressive dinner, etc.). I think most club members don’t mind paying dues when they know is supportive of our club.

    Recruiting new members is tough. When Karin and I first came it was pretty difficult to “get in”. Lots of clicks. We hung in and now feel a part of the group. We should remember that our club did have some younger members a couple of years ago. They were highly criticized (unjustly I believe) and ultimately left our club. Wanting new members and really “wanting and welcoming” new members is a difficult task.

    Craig Evans

    1. Read the comments and I totally agree with Craig and Glenn. We enjoy one another’s company and our vehicles. If someone is interested in our club,they are welcome.

    1. I would like to see if we can get more club cards to hand out to prospective members and each member would have a card to turn into President or membership person to follow up with each card given and personally once again contact the person with a personal invite to the meeting.
      I would also like the membership dues waived for each new member for the first year. Each new member would be able to join without paying dues the first year and not be required to attend 3 functions prior to joining. Lets get new members without any restrictions other than car requirements.
      At each car show lets make a concerted effort to invite younger members into the club. I for one have never done this and will get some cards and start inviting new members and have club follow-up with the prospective member or I can do so.(give me some input on these ideas please). Thanx all and lets continue to have this forum available to discuss any future ideas . Great idea to discuss prior to the monthly meeting for broader input from all those quiet members.

  3. Color of shirt, easy, take a vote. Membership is an on going problem that all groups face. You have to keep the interest high but simple. Support the folks who step up to the plate, they need a little pat on the back.
    We need those off the wall ideas every once in a while, just to get the juices flowing. Thank you to the folks, who have went above and beyond in there effort to keep the Club going.

  4. Hi Gang,
    A few comments, first the idea of a name change, changing the name of the club is not going to make us younger. We will still all be in approximately the same age group, understanding the problems, mainly health, that have or will affect us all. Remember seeing your grandparents sitting around talking about their health and you swore you would never be like that? Same goes for the younger people these days. Most people get into the car hobby from about age 35 thru their 50’s, their income and their children are to a point where a guy can finally do what he has always desired and he will get a car he has always lusted for.
    Age of cars: We are currently a group of people who identify with certain age of cars, each age group has their own. Someone told me once that the type of cars you saw running around when you were in jr. high or high school before you had that precious driver’s license are the cars you lusted for, always have and always will. Again, changing the age of cars doesn’t make us younger. I personally like pre-76 cutoff because those are the cars you can hot rod without getting into smog issues as you would with a later car. We all like to make our cars better, and faster, but in reality nearly any showroom performance car would wipe you out in any kind of race.
    Color of shirts: The original club colors were yellow shirts, started by the original club along with the silly logo.
    I believe the club “uniform” is very important, uniform meaning the same. When we go to an event we look like a group. I have always been against ordering whatever color you want as long as you put the logo on it. Are you non-yellow shirt guys so insecure you can’t wear yellow? Doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t like it either, but we are heavily invested in that color, if color is changed we will look even more disjointed than now.
    The social aspect: Do you realize the original chapter of OTHG in San Berdo do not allow women at their club meetings? The only time the women are involved is when they need slave labor to put on an event, that is not a good way to get the wives involved in your hobby. Go to one of their meetings, you will think you are back in junior high, seriously.
    Dues: At $50 a year the dues are less than a tankful of gas, get real, if someone is not willing to pay that amount so they can enjoy subsidized club activities they are in the wrong hobby.
    Bottom line for me: I was a charter member of Saddleback Rods in OC established in 1984. You talk about an active club, it was that, but that was 34 years ago and yes, we were all about the same age. The age of the members was in about a 15 year span, much like OTHGTV, we all liked the same vintage cars, the NSRA rule at the time, pre-48. As the club aged we changed it to be up through the ’50’s, this caused so much heart burn for some of our members they resigned over the change. This change really didn’t bring in any new members, but it did allow members to sell their pre-48 car and get a more comfortable 50’s car and still be a member of the club. What killed Saddleback Rods is some very self-center people in the club said our club is big enough, we don’t need or want new members. I fought this and lost, it turned out to be the death knell for the club and it died through attrition.
    The way I look at it: We enjoy each other or you would have dropped out long ago. Just enjoy the club for what it is. It is really nice to get new members, it gives the club new enthusiasm and ideas. The best way to attract new members is to go to functions AS A CLUB, have fun and be friendly and accessible to other car owners, be open. If people see you having fun with your club and your car they will be a lot more interested in joining your club.
    If you got this far, that is my 2 cents.

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