Download and Complete
the printable membership application pdf.

Each New Prospective Member Will Receive a Membership Package Containing an Application, Verification Form, the Club’s By-Laws and a Club Cap.

In order to become an active member you must attend three meetings and one approved club run. An active club board member must verify these.


Revised 2-2018

The Organization will be known as: “Over The Hill Gang – Temecula Valley Chapter”
The Objective of the Club is to promote the sport of street rodding and fellowship amongst its members. The Purpose of the Club is to provide a means for its members to show their street rods and to provide members with the opportunity to discuss street rodding and to exchange ideas.
A. The colors are yellow-gold and brown.
B. The emblem consists of a blue roadster pickup (with top) and a red coupe facing each other, with “Over The Hill” in an arc, “Gang” printed directly above the cars and
Temecula Valley printed below the cars.
C. Club shirts have the emblem described above.
D. Club jackets have the emblem described above.
To become a member you must (1) own a 1976, or older, “Made in America” car or truck (by definition of body style), If the prospective member has a car that varies from the above description, they must be approved by the Executive Board to determine eligibility. (2) attend three meetings, one Club Function, and (3) agree to abide by the Club By-Laws. A member is defined as the car owner and his/her spouse (“Partner”). This member and their spouse/partner carries one vote each and pays single dues. An “Over the Hill Gang” plaque may be applied to any active club member’s qualifying car or truck. An “Over the Hill Gang” sticker may be applied to any car or truck. All new members and spouse/partner are required to provide a digital photo of each of the following to the Membership Chairman: car or cars, self and spouse/partner. Members are requested to wear a sanctioned Club insignia shirt to all Club functions.

All Members are provided, either by email or U.S. Postal Service, with the following:
1. Copy of the By-Laws
2. Current Club membership roster
3. Club publication
Club dues will be fifty dollars ($50.00) per year per member (Member plus spouse/partner). All dues are payable in January. If dues are not paid within two months, member will be notified of non-payment by Treasurer and given an extra 30 day “Grace Period” to become current, if at the end of the 30 day “Grace Period” member plus spouse/partner is still delinquent, they are to be dropped from the Roster. For all new members plus spouse/partner joining after the start of the fourth quarter, dues will be pro-rated back from the start of the fourth quarter.
1. President
2. Vice President
3. Secretary
4. Treasurer
5. Membership
A. A Nominating Committee will be convened to solicit the membership for prospective Board positions. Selection of willing members will be presented to the club, however if there are any additional nominations or volunteers, at the October meeting, they also will be considered by the general membership. Nominees may decline the nomination.
B. Nominations will be held in October and elections take place in November with official duties starting January 1st.
C. Voting will be by a show of hands by the members and spouses/partners present.
D. Executive Officers voted on will be as follows: President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Membership.
E. All officers will serve for one full year.
Any Executive Officer may appoint a chairman, director or committee to fulfill a particular function or requirement as needed. These appointments will normally last for the duration of the election year; however, committees may last until their required function has been completed or satisfied. Examples of these appointed posts may be but not limited to the following:
1. Club Activity Committee – Plans and provides agenda for monthly club activities.
2. Merchandise Representative – Places orders upon member or spouse/partner’s request for any club sanctioned clothing, plaques or decals. Invoices members or spouse/partner and accepts payment for items on behalf of the Treasurer.
3. Cruise Director – Keeps members informed of upcoming events and car shows via Club website, email, or internet calendar link.
4. Car Club Council – Attends council meetings and reports to membership at a regularly scheduled meeting.
5. Web-Master – Maintains OTHGTV website with current information.
Executive Officers: Creates an annual budget to reflect all forecasted expenditures for the upcoming year to be presented to the general membership by the February meeting for approval, then distribute the budget to the Event Committees who are in charge of these activities. The Treasurer will keep the membership advised of the budget at each monthly meeting. The budget will make members aware of how much the Club can spend during the year.
President: Presides over the meetings in accordance with the By-Laws and represents the Club at Club related functions.
Vice President: Assumes all presidential duties in the President’s absence. Supports the President at meetings and represents the Club at any Club function where the President is not in attendance. Forms an Events Committee for upcoming car shows, cruises and events.
Secretary: Records and maintains minutes of all meetings, maintains current By-Laws, generates and answers Club correspondence. Publishes Club’s monthly newsletter to include the Treasurer’s report and upcoming Club sponsored events from the Events Committee and Car Club Council Representative (CCCR)
Treasurer: Handles all Club monies and maintains proper records. The Treasurer will give a complete financial report at each meeting to include money taken in and all money spent during the past month. The Treasurer shall also provide a statement to the Secretary for publishing in the monthly newsletter. This will include all money taken in and all money spent during the last month. The Treasurer will provide a yearend statement with bank statements.
Membership: Distributes application forms to petitioning members and instructs them on the requirements for membership. Maintains a file for all new membership applications and prints a current, updated roster bi-annually. Orders a name badge for all new members and their spouses/partner. Distributes By-Laws and Roster and Club publication to new members; solicits prospective members; distributes business cards to all members; collects photo of new member’s car or cars, a photo of the new member and his/her spouse/partner and gives to the Secretary for the Club publication. Takes roll at meetings and reports to the Secretary the total members and guest present to be included in the minutes
Meetings will be held on the fourth (4th) Thursday of each month. Time 7:00 pm. The order of business will be: Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, Visitor introductions, Minutes of the previous meeting, Treasurer’s report, Events Committee reports, Old business, New business, Parts/cars for sale and Adjournment. If a holiday falls upon the fourth Thursday then the meeting will be held on the third Monday for that given month. Any changes in the meeting location will be voted upon by a majority vote of the active members of the Club, with the exception of an emergency relocation.
The Club may sponsor revenue generating events. These events/funds shall be deposited and reflected in the yearly budget. If such functions were not previously identified in the yearly budget, the general membership will vote on any and all obligations of such funds.
At any time a member may bring a written grievance against another member for conduct unbecoming a member of the Club. The first time is a written warning by the President. For any subsequent violations, a two-thirds (2/3) majority vote of active members present at the meeting will result in the dismissal of the member.
A Standing Rule is a rule which is related to the details of the Club rather than to parliamentary procedure and can be adopted, amended, rescinded or suspended by a majority vote of the general membership. Standing Rules are adopted individually if and when the need arises. The Board may recommend changes to the Standing Rules at any time during the year, as deemed necessary. Changes to the Standing Rules, once approved by the Board and the general membership, shall become effective immediately.
Club sponsored social activities, i.e.: Christmas Party, Progressive Dinner, etc. approved by the membership shall charge a fee to guarantee attendance. Fee to be determined by the Executive Officers and Club Activity Chair
The first name badge for new members is complimentary. If a member requests another name for whatever reason, the member will be responsible for the cost.